A Word about Our Founder


Briana is a model, singer, and Film/TV major.  As the former Miss Teen Tampa, she  looked to employ activities to inspire and uplift young females. Her dreams became a reality when she started A Royal You (Camp Royal) for girls in the Central Florida area. Currently stationed in Los Angeles, California, she is working with Lionsgate Entertainment, while continuing to pursue her educational endeavors. However, her heart is always in Florida with the girls she works with in the  program. In everything she does, she believes in spreading the empowerment message of loving and caring about yourself.  

Bullied as a young lady, Briana has used the hurt she experienced as fuel to help heal and bring about a change for others.  She shares her story wherever she can to help girls to learn to embrace the skin you are in celebrate your uniqueness.   

When Briana is not doing philanthropy work, you can catch her both on and off camera working with her projects including the documentaries Keeping The Faith and I Am More, as well as starring center stage in productions such as  Sweet Charity, Pippin and Hairspray.  She is the recipient of many awards such as Tampa Bay Girls Rock, Mayor's Youth Leadership Award, Athena Young Women of Promise, Waco Theater Women's Spotlight Feature and more.