Camp Royal-Girls Camp

All About Camp

Join us for camp from July 16th-21st at Eckerd College. Registration includes:  lodging, all meals (vegetarian options included), travel from central location in luxury to site, camp activities like swimming, arts/crafts, dancing, self defense, hair & make up, academic educational excellence. automatic participation in A Royal Night, includes a sash, tiara, and camp t-shirt.  Payment plans and sponsorship available. Limited space available . Contact us today to ask how you can secure sponsorship to offset the cost of camp.

Theme for Camp

This Year's Theme is Pyramids to the White House. Girls will be taught what it means to be a monumental structure of freedom and what that means for girls today.  Be sure to check out our Royal Night page to find out all the prizes you are eligible for at that end of camp.



My daughter had a rough start this school year, she was being bullied online by some mean girls before school started so she was a little down but she kept in my mind the things your program taught her and she is doing better now. I am continuing to help build her self-esteem and to just keep letting her know how special she is. She can't wait for next year to join everyone again I am so glad we found a great program for girls I have recommended this program to anyone who listen.  (Ebony M)

I love what you have done for the girls thus far. My daughter has really come a long way since joining Camp Royal and I thank you for that.  (Marie M)

My daughter was starting a new school this year. She was bullied constantly in her old school.  Since finding the program, she has truly blossomed. I have seen her conquer her fears and she is so confident now. She continues to amaze me. Thank you for giving my daughter the power and voice she needed.   (Brittany)

Official Camp Royal Gear

Do you want to look like a Royal Girl or a Boss Lady? Get your gear here from the the Official Boss Queens- providers of the Camp Royal wear. Proceeds help to benefit our organization Royal U.

Royal Jewelry

We are excited to partner with Pretti Pieces for the official jewelry of Camp Royal. Check out their $5 jewelry pieces. Look like a million dollars without breaking the bank. 



What are the ages for the camp?

Females between the ages of 10-16 as of January 1st the current year. Please note for the 15-16 year olds, this is our special LIT program, where girls are interviewed and must be accepted to that program. Registration cannot occur until this happens.

What if my daughter is age 9 and will turn 10 during the year, can she attend?

Yes, please contact our offices to discuss registration.

Are there any other events open to girls not of this age?

Sure we have the Spring Tea, special Mommy Daughter events, Back To School events, etc. Subscribe to our mailing lists to be notified of all of our events.

What is a typical day like at Camp?

Every day at Camp Royal is different and unique. From special guests to swimming, dancing, crafts, confidence boosters, you never know what to expect at camp.

Is there a limit on the number of girls?

Yes there is annually a limit placed on the number of girls for the program. Once that cap is reached, waitlists will be accepted only. Headcounts are decided annually and based on availability of staff.

Is the camp the entire summer?

The Summer Camp is exclusive and for one week only generally held in July.

Dates are always announced in advance. 

I would like to participate but how do I get sponsors to offset registration fees?

The best place to begin is where your family does business. Examples are Cleaners, Insurance Companies, Banks, Doctors, Dentists, local stores, etc. Call ahead to make an appointment, and dress neatly when you visit them.  We even send you a letter you can utilize to request sponsorship on official letterhead. It is a great opportunity to involve others in contributing towards your success in the program. You can have as many or as few sponsors as you wish to make up your total sponsor fee. Businesses, family, friends, or fundraising activities are all great ideas for raising your sponsor fee.  

Is there a referral fee offered?

For every camper that you refer that registers, you will get a referral credit. If your balance has been paid in full, we will issue a payment for the referral. If your balance is not paid in full, the referral will come as a credit against your balance remaining. There is no limit to the referrals you can receive. 

I read somewhere a Community Service project is included and all girls must participate- what does this mean?

Every year, we pick a different organization for the girls to do their community service project with- this allows them to experience first-hand what it means to give back to their communities. It is really an easy task and parents will receive all the information prior to camp.

Thank You To Our Sponsors